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Autumn Kennels is located in Orem, Utah. We allow visitation by appointment only. If you would like to see our dogs, or get more information than is presented here, please email us. We reserve the right to choose the right home based on each individual dogs needs.

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Clubs and Organizations

Papillon Club of America
Utah Shetland Sheepdog Association
Utah Valley Kennel Club

Affiliated Breeders

Akadia Shelties
Weathermans Shelties


We have experience with the following companies and offer our personal recommendations.

Rover Company – Pet Enclosures and Dog Beds

In 1998 we purchased a set of White PVC Dog Enclosures from the Rover Pet vendor at a local dog show. Since then we have used them for our home enclosures, whelping pens, and room dividers. They are terrific for our puppies to grow up in since they are extremely easy to clean, move, and assemble. We have all of the original panels (and have added many more), and after more than 13 years none of them show any real signs of wear. We highly recommend getting a set. You can find them online at